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green enchiladas

april first is our last frost date so we are in a planting flurry  trying to get everything in the ground and producing before the crippling heat sets in. the thermometer is already inching towards 90 (that's 31celcius).  but i think we are off to a good start. the tomatoes are in and blooming with a few green fruit, i transplanted the sweet peppers this morning and the hot peppers on monday. this afternoon i'll do the eggplant and hopefully get around to planting the beans, amaranth and sunflowers. this year we are going to try using sunflowers as 'living shade' for the other plants. most desert gardeners rig up shade structures made of wooden trellis or special shade cloth to protect everything from the intense sun, but it's expensive to do it that way and i think it's pretty ugly most of the time.  my friend elise has the prettiest version i've seen made with wooden pillars and woven jute mesh, but i'm excited about the sunflower idea. they have nice big leaves, create a moist micro climate under their canopy, produce food, and look great too. we'll also try growing beans up a trellis on the south side of some of the beds to provide shade for other stuff but i'm worried the bean plants themselves may get sun burnt.
in the mean time though, we are very much enjoying our winter/spring garden. our cool season stuff is going off! we've been eating mountains of succulent kale, giant salads of tender lettuce and arugula, beautiful beets, baby carrots, some peas, and even onions. ah wonderful.

now that i'm working more i've been trying to cook more in quantity so we can have easy food throughout the week. my standbys for this so far are lasagna, quiche, and enchiladas. one of my co-workers, elizabeth, is an amazing mexican cook who i have to thank for the fabulous green sauce that topped the fabulous enchiladas jeannie and i made the other day. i told jeannie i'd post the recipe so here you go (they were outrageously good)

maya's green chicken enchiladas (would still be really good w/o chicken

2 bunches of radish tops (before elizabeth, i didn't even know radish tops were edible)
2 bunches cilantro
2 bunches green onion
5 large tomatillos
5 jalapenos (i remove the seeds from half of them because i like it milder. if you want it very mild, remove all the seeds)
4-6 med cloves garlic
1 cup water or chicken broth
salt to taste

blend all ingredients in blender until smooth. set aside.

1 lb firm tofu
1lb queso fresco (fresh soft mexican cheese, use ricotta or cottage cheese if you can't get queso)
1 lb jack cheese, grated
cooked shredded chicken (optional)
chopped spinach (optional)

12 corn or flour tortillas (corn is better)

crumble/smoosh tofu and blend with queso fresco or ricotta, add half of the grated jack cheese and the chicken and the spinach.
 season to taste.

now the fun part: pour a little sauce in the bottom of a baking dish. dip a tortilla in the sauce, then spoon in some filling. roll gently and place seam side down in your dish. repeat until you run out of filling, lining up the rolled tortillas snugly. pour the sauce over the whole thing and top with remaining jack cheese. cover and bake at 350 for about an hour until heated through.
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